5 Healthy Snacks for When You're On The Go

5 Healthy Snacks for When You're On The Go

Summer is in full swing! The days are longer and there's an abundance of sunshine, which makes the perfect recipe for summer adventures. Whether you're lounging in the sand, hiking some trails or just taking a walk on your lunch break, make sure you're setting yourself up for success in the snack department.  After all, we work hard for our summer bodies!  These five vegan-friendly snacks have been our go-tos.

4 Smoothie Bowls Worth Trying

4 Smoothie Bowls   Worth Trying

We love making smoothie bowls! They've taken over Instagram with their picture-perfect colors and textures (not like we mind), but the best part is that these pretty, plant-based meals are packed with nutrients. Here are four creative recipes worth trying.

Food as Medicine

When I wrote the post, 6 Steps to Healing Yourself, I covered the fact that there were almost 4 billion retail prescriptions filled just last year.  Believe it or not, the way you eat either improves or damages the way your body functions.  I spoke with Dr. Susan Blum of Organic Pharmer, a new health food delivery service, about some of the healthiest ingredients she uses and what they really do for your body.