How to Create A Vision Board (and Why You Should!)

Truly believe in the power of manifestation!


When I first went freelance back in 2009, a mentor of mine invited me to a vision boarding workshop. At the time, I thought the idea was a little “out there,” but I wanted to be a successful entrepreneur and admired her so I went. Fast forward to today and I create or update my vision boards several times per year. They’ve been an essential part of my success as an entrepreneur and keep me focused on living a fulfilled lifestyle. For me, I’m a visual creative and they act like a business plan for life. Here are some strategic ways to create a vision board in order to accomplish your goals.

Choose Your Focus

A vision board can be a general inspiration board for your life, or you can hone in on one category like love, health or your career and dedicate the whole board to that. I host vision boarding workshops for college seniors that focus on their career goals post graduation.

Here’s a post on two of my past vision boards.

Gather Your Supplies

After you choose your focus (or maybe it’s all of the above), begin collecting magazines, newspapers, catalogues, etc. that speak to it. I always recommend getting a ton of publications to go through. You’ll end up cutting out words, phrases, images and anything that pops out and speaks to you. Seriously, cut out everything!


Choose A Strategy

There are several ways you can go about creating your collage, and I’d encourage you to choose one after you cut out all of the items you’d like to glue. One way is to build from the bottom up keeping more attainable goals at the bottom of the board and then pasting big ideas towards the top. That way, your vision board tells a story of your goals over the course of time from the bottom up. If you’re focusing on more than one category, you can also group like items together and create clusters. No matter which way you choose, I recommend leaving white space, which allows for opportunity to come in and your plan to evolve.

Edit and Create

Once you choose your strategy, look through everything you cut out and edit accordingly. You don’t need to fit everything on the board. Choose the strongest and have fun.

I recommend keeping your vision board somewhere you can see it every day. I like to keep mine on my desk, but I know people who keep them by the side of their bed as well. As time goes on, update it as needed. If something doesn’t seem relevant anymore, take it off or glue something over it. Eventually it’ll be time to create a new vision board all together. Get ready to manifest!