Who Saved Who? Adopt My Foster Kitten

This has been the hardest time of our lives for me and Joe.  After losing our daughter, I've enlisted a team of experts to try to help me survive.  Every breath hurts.  I can't begin to describe the pain.  Throughout the past few weeks, I've been grasping at anything or anyone that might help – my therapist, acupuncturist, doulas who specialize in grief, spiritual counseling, books and journaling.  There was one piece of advice, "tend to something," that led me to begin fostering kittens.  Taking care of my first foster kitten, who was seven weeks when I got him, had a cold and was very weak, has been a reason to get out of bed.  

Belmar today after some TLC

Belmar when they found him at 5 weeks

Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 10.15.18 AM.png

The Liberty Humane Society in Jersey City rescued him and named him Belmar.  They found him at about 5 weeks old, alone and abandoned in bad shape.  Today, he is about eight weeks old and two pounds, is no longer sick and a loving, playful little guy.  I'm obsessed.

He squeaks when he wants attention and when you tend to him, he cuddles up and purrs non-stop.  He's definitely a lap cat and has truly played a huge role in saving us during this time of heartbreak and incredible grief.  When you adopt, the big question is always, "Who saves who?"  Belmar and I have needed each other and I'm determined to find him a good home.  If you're interested in adopting this little guy, fill out the application below.