5 Self Help Podcasts to Add to Your Library

Because let’s be real, finding time to sit down and read a book can be challenging.

We love reading self help books (here are some of our faves). However, as we’re all grinding to become better versions of ourselves, the last thing we have time to do is actually sit down and read. Therefore, we gathered a list of podcasts that aim to refuel your mind and soul with positivity and productivity so you can easily become inspired on-the-go.


She did it again. Completely swindled us with her utmost brilliance when she created this podcast. Oprah’s newest podcast brings forth some of the world’s greatest and most provoking thought leaders to answer our dire existential questions. Whether you’re looking for new perspective on how to find your life’s purpose or some tips on how to lead a more grateful and happier life, this podcast is sure to bring you one step closer to your best self. She has deep conversations that are super profound and insightful, yet digestible making it easy to understand and effortless to apply to your everyday life. It’s like having an opportunity to poke the minds and gain advice from successful people from all different walks of life such as Gabby Bernstein or Maya Angelou. This podcast is our favorite thing to listen to when we’re just yearning some advice about life and all of its extremities.  

affirmation pod.jpg

This may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s certainly ours. When was the last time you gave yourself a compliment or reminded yourself of how badass you are? Probably not that often.  This is our favorite way to kick start our mornings with some positive self talk and affirmations. It’s the equivalent of sheepishly looking at yourself in the mirror and telling yourself, “I’m great” or “I’m beautiful” except, Josie Ong actually has a way of making you feel a little less ridiculous in doing so. You don’t need a mirror, just some headphones as she has affirmations for just about everything you’re going through. If you’re having a day riddled with anxiety and stress, or you’re lacking motivation, or even engulfed in jealousy, she has a podcast to reaffirm yourself and get back into true alignment. Even if you’re having a day where you are feeling great and haven’t struggled with any negative emotions, she has affirmations that can help you truly maximize your good days and make them more sustainable. So next time you need a little pick me up, we highly suggest giving Josie Ong a try!

meditation oasis good.jpg

You’re probably well aware of the the benefits of meditation as definitely gone from hippie-dippie to mainstream. However, for beginners, meditation can certainly be intimidating waters to navigate especially when our minds compose of nearly 60,000 thoughts per day. The mere idea of quieting our minds can stir up thousand more thoughts and questions. Yet, if you’re looking for some help, the soothing hums of Mary Maddux’s Meditation Oasis podcast can definitely get you started. This podcast is a facilitated and guided meditation that you can use to help you truly master this skill. She has an array of different meditations to choose from depending on your mood or external circumstances. We highly recommend this podcast for a more quiet and calming meditation experience.

pick the brain.jpg

This podcast is categorized as a self help podcast designed to do just that- help you live your best life and that is why we love it. From entrepreneurship to mental health, they discuss the most actionable ways to live a life full of productivity and success. Erin and Jeremy, the hosts of this show, essentially aim to rewire our brain so that you can have better expectations of yourself and your life and then give tips and tricks to help you execute. With a series of different guest speakers, this podcast is definitely one of our top go-to’s.


“Be happy,” is a phrase that we are constantly throwing around and hearing from others in one way or another. However, sometimes we genuinely need advice on how to do just that. “Happier” is a podcast created by Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project. Thus, she knows a thing or two on how to navigate this whole happiness thing and really helps you achieve that through her varied podcasts. We love it because whether we need a quick pick me up or are really looking to dive into this subject, Gretchen and her younger sister Elizabeth have provided a series of podcast ranging from three minutes to 45 minutes and truly lend a helping hand in guiding us to live our best life.