Soul Candy: The Rescued Duckling

You guys know I'm a sucker for animal stories!

When one of my best friends forwarded me an email that was sent around her office I was intrigued.  As I read it, I couldn't believe what a pick-me-up the story was and had to share it with all of you, too.  Her coworker, Matt Hildesheim, shares how he saved a little duckling!  Enjoy!

Poor little duckling was dumped and close to leaving this world when my sister and I found him in a local stream Easter night shivering and quacking loudly.  Since finding him, he’s regained his energy and was donated to a local farm in PA where other ducklings are being raised to live a happy and cruel free life.  The farm bought another yellow duck because the brown ducks can fly away for winter, but the yellow ones do not.  Its Captain’s turn to navigate his future with his new family!




Matt Hildesheim