A Luxurious All-Natural Perfume Collection I'm Loving

clean and intoxicating


Truth is, I rarely ever wear perfume, because it often gives me headaches and I’m extremely sensitive to smell.  If you're anything like me then listen up, because I discovered a new line of all-natural perfume oils that are "Jeannine friendly" and completely intoxicating.  The line is called Petite Histoire, which in French means "the narrative that intertwines lovers," and is inspired by exactly that - love.

The all-natural ingredients really agree with me.  According to the International Fragrance Association, an all-natural fragrance must be derived from plants using distillation, expression and extraction.  So far, the collection contains four roller ball scents, and I can't decide which I like better so I've been rotating between them for different moods and experiences.  The Coup de Courage and Fields of New Amsterdam are my favorites.

Check out Petite Histoire online and I'd advise starting with the sampler pack, because if you're anything like me, you'll love more than one.