Soul Candy: Connecting Through Meals on Wheels

One simple way to make a big difference.


I was walking through the city one day when I received a call from my grandpa who mentioned he had a great story for my Soul Candy series about his wife, Judy.  (Yes, he's very tech savvy and reads my blog!)  After learning about what she's been doing for years, I was shocked that I didn't already know this about her and of course had to share in hopes of brightening your day and inspiring you to do good in the world as well.  Here's Judy's story working with Meals on Wheels.

Once I stopped working, I started participating in Meals on Wheels and have been doing so for well over 10 years now.  The program allows me to deliver meals to a group of elderly who don’t have a support system around them.  It’s so rewarding to get out and see people who are typically shut in without have access to much from the outside world.  I have a core group of people, go into their homes, deliver their food and spend time chatting with them. There are always new people to meet, and I really enjoy their company.  It’s so rewarding to make contact with someone who doesn’t normally have company.  I like that instead of having them stay shut in, we make them open the door.
— Judy