Soul Candy: Help for the Homeless

A lesson in gratitude.

It's been insanely cold out this winter and I always provide the homeless in my area with what I can to keep them as warm as possible, but the thought of them being out in the cold on frigid days and nights never leaves my mind.  I noticed my friend April shared the news that her sister Jamie Marie and her boyfriend Anthony Pierro assembled and handed out care packages to homeless individuals in freezing cold New York City earlier this year and was touched.  I reached out to Anthony to find out more about his experience and he shared this touching video.

This has absolutely been an invaluable experience that has taught me many new things about myself. It has also shown me how important it is, to never take things for granted and have gratitude for the “simple things” in life, like the roof over our head, the clothes that we wear, the water we drink, the food we eat, and the ones whom we love. My intention behind creating this video was to inspire others to help the homeless & Less fortunate. I started this tradition three years ago as a solo mission, last year we had two heroes on foot, and this year we had five people combing the streets of NYC and helping others. My hopes are that with this video, your love, and the help of social media it will be shared enough times that next year I can have an army of 100 people looking to join this mission to help others in need.