5 Ways to Achieve Your Best Glow

Glowing skin starts from within.

EVE LOM's new campaign, "Glow on the Go," encourages even the busiest women to take the time to pamper themselves daily in order to get the skin they crave. We were inspired so we rounded up our top tips on how to make the quest for glowing skin part of your daily routine.

1. Eat the Right Foods

Since glowing skin starts from within, it is crucial to eat the right foods. Leafy greens, like kale, and foods high in antioxidants, like olive oil and dark chocolate, are the key to a lit from within look.

2. Meditate

If you want to radiate light, start meditating. Meditators shine with an aura from within. Just sitting for two minutes, first thing in the morning, can leave you energized and glowing the rest of the day.  Here's an easy breathing meditation we like.

3. Give Yourself a Massage

Just like the rest of your body, your face benefits from massaging. Even self-massaging for two minutes a day can help prevent wrinkles and relax your mind.  Take an extra minute during cleansing to wake up your skin like makeup artists did backstage at Derek Lam one year during New York Fashion Week.  

4. Sweat it Out with Your Favorite Workout

Working out gets your blood pumping which increases circulation. Sweating is an important part of healthy skin. Not only does it allow your body to release toxins, it literally leaves your skin glowing.

5. Cleanse with Natural Products

Once you're glowing from the inside out, it is key to nourish and cleanse your skin with natural products. EVE LOM's revolutionary new gal balm cleanser gives busy women a quick and efficient way to clean and freshen their skin. Made with natural ingredients like shea butter, grapeseed oil, and olive oil, it moisturizes and soothes skin, leaving you glowing.