Book Recommendations from My Summer Reading List

I'm obsessed with everything I read this summer!

Summer may be over, but I have to share my summer reading list.  In the beginning of the season, I asked for book recommendations on Facebook and was flooded with responses.  Here's what I read and highly recommend.  Most of them are thanks to my good friend, Lauren.

Into the Water

by Paula Hawkins

After reading Girl on the Train, I was excited to pick up Paula Hawkins' latest.  A bit confusing, because there are so many people involved, this page-turning thriller was still worth the read as long as you feel like paying attention.  I predicted the ending, but wasn't disappointed by it and can definitely see this turning into a movie as well.


by Caroline Kepnes

This might be one of the best books I've ever read.  If you like thrillers, get involved. Set in NYC, this book is a constant stream of conscious from the mindset of a psychotic stalker.  I couldn't put it down.

Hidden Bodies

by Caroline Kepnes

The sequel to You, but this time the main character is located in Los Angeles, CA.  Entertaining, although I could have done without it as the first book had a proper ending in itself.  

Wonderful Tonight

by Pattie Boyd

This book made me realize that I should have been a teenager in the '60's.  British model, Pattie Boyd, tells tales of her successful modeling career and marriages to George Harrison of the Beatles and Eric Clapton.  She paints a picture of the care-free, upcoming rock and roll scene that she had a major influence on.  It's called 'Wonderful Tonight' for a reason.

Clapton: The Autobiography

By Eric Clapton 

After learning about Pattie Boyd's relationship with Eric Clapton in Wonderful Tonight, I was intrigued to learn more about him.  This is one of the best written autobiographies I've ever read. While I'm sure it was written by a ghost writer, it truly captures Clapton's emotional experience as he evolved as a musician, painstaking battle with drugs and alcohol, relationship hardships and personal successes.