Soul Candy: Hotel Room

compassion in action


When I put out a call-to-action on Facebook asking friends and family to share heart warming stories of compassion for my Soul Candy series, I received an overwhelming response. This one comes from my friend Arlene who lives in Florida and witnessed how one simple gesture could make someone's day.

On our return trip home from Philly, all the passengers were lining up to be called by groups to board the plane. A man approached our area and in a loud voice asked for everyone's attention. He announced he was autistic and that he had missed his plane home but that the airline would not pay for a hotel room, because it was his fault he missed his plane. He asked if anyone would make a donation to help him collect enough to pay for an $89/night room to avoid sleeping the night in the terminal. A gentleman standing behind us, pulled out a $100 bill and wished him a good night's rest. That was compassion in action.