An LA Scene Made for the Movies at the Mondrian Hotel

Los Angeles is hands down one of my favorite places in the world.  A strong statement, I know, but I can truly see myself living there eventually.   I'm fortunate that I often get sent there for work and am hoping to be a full-time LA resident one day.  Joe and I are both kind of sold.  This week I was shooting an exciting campaign with People magazine (I can't wait to share it!) and stayed at the Mondrian in West Hollywood.  Of course, after work, I extended my stay and had a drink waiting by the pool for Joe when he got in from the airport.

The Hollywood Home

The Hollywood Home

I remember the first time I stayed at the Mondrian a few years ago, I felt like I was on the set of Entourage.  It seems that all of the hotel pools in West Hollywood have somewhat of a scene, but this one is like nothing I've ever experienced.  Hotel guests and LA residents alike lay on lounge chairs, couches and benches surrounding the rectangular pool that's often filled with those who are trying to take a peaceful dip and groups of people slamming tequila shots.  Personally, Joe and I love to lounge in the sun as we drink rosé and observe.  The pool is on the lobby level, but because the hotel is on a hill, the views of downtown LA are gorgeous.  It seems like you're on a rooftop.

The rooms at the Mondrian vary in size and are super modern.  Ours was a standard with breathtaking views of the Hollywood Hills.  Each morning, I watched the sun rise reflecting off of the mansions in the hills.  I was in awe.  I've stayed in the studio suites before, which leave a little more room for lounging, but it's not necessary.  Perhaps the coolest feature in the rooms is the fact that the full-sized mirror turns into your TV.  

The bar and restaurant are both incredible.  Waitresses from Sky Bar serve drinks daily by the pool as it's located outside in the same area and at night, the whole area turns into an energetic outdoor lounge.  Throughout our stay, Joe and I had breakfast, lunch and dinner at Ivory, which was pricey, but the food was fresh and menu was well rounded.  


Fun places within walking distance:

Laugh: The Comedy Store

Work Out: SoulCycle

Eat: Chateau Marmont

Juice: EarthBar