The Bellagio: A Fountain of Fun in Las Vegas


After a business trip to Salt Lake City, UT for Sundance, Joe and I decided to hop over to Vegas for a few nights.  We were right there, it would have been a sin if we didn't.  Our hotel of choice, The Bellagio.  Located in the center of the strip and famous for the fountains that are beautifully choreographed to music, the hotel had everything we were looking for from food to fitness.

We fed off of the electric energy as soon as we walked in.  The lobby ceiling is Instagram worthy, casino was bustling (it was only 2 in the afternoon), and by the way people were dressed, you couldn't tell if it was day or night and it didn't matter.

Our room was a modern king with a fountain view and each night while we got ready to get out, we would tune our TV to the music the fountains were going off to.   Watching them was magical. I've been to Vegas far more times than I'd like to admit, but this was the first time I ever stayed at the Bellagio.  It was exactly what you would want  in a Vegas hotel.  


Besides hitting up the breakfast buffet (something Vegas is known for), Joe and I got our butts kicked in a bootcamp class after a long night of martinis.  We ate, drank and laughed our way up and down the strip and couldn't have been happier with our hotel choice as it was convenient and had everything we needed plus more.  I hope to go back in the summer when we can hang by the pool all day.

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