The Best Beauty Tip I Learned on Set this Week


Last week I was out in LA shooting a campaign and was fortunate enough to have a glam squad that were not only talented, but also truly understood who I was and it was beyond refreshing. As soon as I walked into the trailer for hair and makeup, they both asked about my likes and dislikes and really listened in order to create my look.  For the record – likes include bangs, texture and clean makeup; dislikes are slick hair and anything pink on my face).  It was a fitness inspired shoot so a texturized pony and minimal makeup were brought to life and I couldn't have felt any more like myself, which is important when doing spokesperson work.

Enter makeup artist Leslie Rodriguez  and hairstylist Bethany Brill.  Of course while in their chair, in between the the NYC vs. LA conversation (PS: I'm team LA), I picked their brain on why and how they were doing what they were doing and came away with some really fresh tips that I had to share with you.  Here's the best skincare tip I learned from Leslie.  A post will follow with the coolest pony tip ever from Bethany.

Seal moisturizer with oil.


Tap your favorite face oil over your water based day cream in order to seal it in.  The viscosity (think water + oil) creates a barrier.  Because oils can be a bit heavy, don't try this one overnight as it can prevent cellular turnover.  

It's nice to hear new, refreshing tips and let me tell you – when it comes to skincare, makeup artists know what they're talking about.  Leslie made my dehydrated, acne prone skin a perfect canvas before getting to work.