A Face Mask Worthy of Your Regimen

For the past month, I've been using the Nuvesse Firming & Anti-Aging Face Mask once per week and am impressed by the results.  I first wrote about this serum-infused biocellose mask, because I was in awe of the technology (more information on that here) and had high hopes that it would help to smooth out my fine lines and like promised, give me a more youthful appearance.  I'm only (only?) 33, but of course, like most of you, have been chasing my youth for quite some time now. 


The one-of-a-kind serum-infused biocellose mask is now a staple in my vanity.  If you're a regular reader, then  you already know that when I find something that works (especially when it comes to skincare), I stick with it.  Of course as a beauty writer, it's my job to cheat on my favorites in order to try and test new products.  And I do, but a product has to be really impressive to cut through the clutter and take one of the coveted spots in my regimen.  

Each time I use one of these serum-infused biocellose masks, my skin immediately looks healthier, because it's hydrated and nourished.  With consistent use, however, I'm finding that it's staying that way.  My crows feet are less apparent and tone is brighter.  This is because of Nuvesse’s patented Cellulation™ Technology enables the serum to reach the deeper layers of the skin where issues actually occur and rejuvenation begins.  In the pic above, I'm not wearing any makeup and just finished using it.  The masks came in a set of four for only $95, which I believe is a real steal.  You can check them out here.