The Best Salons & Spas in NYC

Consider this my version of beauty awards.


I'm extremely grateful that part of my job as a beauty editor is to visit new salons and spas to test their hottest treatments.  In New York City, it seems there's a new, clever concept salon opening up almost every month.  Many of you ask for recommendations on where to go for hair cuts, facials, brows and more so I decided to write a guide of tried-and-true favorites.  And yes, as a Hoboken girl now I can tell you, they're worth commuting for.


Broome & Beauty


I can't tell you how many people I've turned onto my dynamic duo, Liam Carey and Jan Marie Arteca, at Broome & Beauty in Soho.  Friends, family and editors all become addicted.  I first met them back in the day when they worked at the Ted Gibson Salon on 5th Ave, and have been loyal (as loyal as I can be as a beauty editor) ever since.  Liam opened the salon a little over two years ago and cuts and styles like no other (he even did my hair for my wedding day) and Jan is my a colorist and extension master-mind. Check out their work in my latest post: My New Spring Look .

Madison Reed Color Bar


If you're in need of a quick refresh, the Madison Reed Color Bar is going to be your new stomping ground.  It's now mine when I don't have the time to do a full refresh with Liam and Jan.  They recently opened in the Flatiron and offer permanent and demi-permanent root coverage as well as clear and colored glosses at affordable prices ranging from $35 to $80.  Specializing in color, the same person washes, dyes and dries your hair and you're out the door in no time.  I recently paid a visit for a color gloss and found it's easy to book (no waiting a week or two for your normal colorists), the atmosphere to be welcoming and colorists to be skilled (I left with an amazing blowout, too).


Rescue Spa


I recently had the pleasure of getting a facial by Danuta Meiloch, the Founder of and Lead esthetician at Rescue Spa in the Flatiron and let me tell you, it was a transformative experience.  I always appreciate a trying luxury facials (who wouldn't), but unlike others, this one was a ritual.  I'm used to the step-by-step, which are great, but instead of slathering on formula after formula, Danuta applied each product with purpose in unique massaging motions.  My skin looked and felt clear, dewy and healthy afterwards and I left with the idea of looking at my skincare routine as a ritual as well.  The best part – it's a full service salon and spa offering blowouts, makeup application, manis and pedis as well.  Can you say one stop shop?  How convenient.

Mario Badescu

Upper East Side

I've written about Mario Badescu countless times and for good reason – they offer affordable, no BS facials at an affordable price point.  I frequent the spa on the Upper East Side as much as I can for a good cleaning and balancing.  The one thing you compromise is a pampering experience.  Instead of receiving shoulder and hand massages while your face mask sits for 20 minutes, you're left in the dark room, alone.  I personally don't mind it at all and don't think you will either for the effectiveness (you already love their Drying Lotion!) and price points.


Aire Ancient Baths


This is hands down, one of my favorite places in the city.  Joe and I go to Aire Ancient Baths on special occasions.  As soon as you step in, the anxieties of the city around you disappear.  Downstairs you'll find a candlelit Roman bath house with three temperature controlled pools (hot, warm and cold), a salt water pool for floatation therapy, jacuzzi and steam room.  Open 8am to 9pm, you can enjoy the facility for two hours per booking.  I love adding on an hour massage to enrich the experience and spend more time there.  Here's a full post on the experience.

Lush Spa

Upper East Side

Lush spas are special sanctuaries found in several countries.  The cozy spaces offer seven types of massages, but my favorite the Synethesia massage, was perfectly choreographed to music and a full sensory experience using scent and lighting.  (See full blog post here.) No matter what massage you book, it will be fully customize to how you feel and hope to feel afterwards. 


Sania's Brow Bar


I've been going to Sania for the past few months, who rapidly tweezes my brows into shape, giving me an instant face lift.  Not only is she talented, but she's also trained her two daughters to follow in her footsteps.  The salon is gorgeous, full of sunlight and chandeliers and there's even a space for mens grooming, too. Sania also makes a brow pencil that's soft like powder and the angled tip makes it perfect for filling in large and small areas.  I love it so much, I even featured it on The Today Show.  Side note, Kathie Lee and Hoda go to her, too!

Maribeth Madron 

Upper East Side

I first met Maribeth at an event for NARS when they were launching new brow pencils about four years ago and started trekking to the UES almost monthly for her magic touch.  You can find her uptown at Sharon Dorram x Sally Hershberger.  She helped me grow in my ultra-thin '90's brows in time for my wedding and is incredible talent.  As a former, lead global makeup artist for Laura Mercier, she understand face shapes and even did my makeup for my wedding.  (See below in  the makeup category.)


Dr. Neal Schultz

Upper East Side

I couldn't love and respect this man more.  Dr. Schultz is an old-school dermatologist who thrives on using modern technologies in dermatology and social media.  (Check out his YouTube, DermTV.)  He's the guy I went to when I was dealing with horrible acne and through his glycolic peels, there was hope for my skin.  Besides his practice, he also has two Peel Bar locations in the city, that allow you to pop in for a two-minute glycolic peel (given by his estheticians) for only $50.  I love that place (here's a full post on it) and his product line.

Dr. Ilyse Lefkowicz

Upper East Side

Fine lines, hyperpigmentation, acne scars... no matter what your issue, Dr. Lefkowicz uses the most up-to-date technology in injectables and lasers to help you age gracefully.  Here blog posts on some of the things I tried with her all in the name of #werk.  


PhotoFacial Results


Fraxel Results

Chemical Peel

Mani / Pedi

Jin Soon Hand & Foot Spa

West Village

There are so many cool nail salons that specialize in all kinds of fancy artwork, but that's simply not my style.  While I'll go check them out for fun, my main stomping ground in NYC for clean, classic manis and pedis is the Jin Soon Hand & Foot Spa.  Located in the middle of the West Village, the small space allows for four manis and four pedis at a time so there's no hustle and bustle feel.  The polish selection is vast and even includes Jin Soon's own collection, which you'll love).  Plus, they offer gels as well.  The nail artists take their time in shaping 


Maribeth Madron 

Upper East Side

When she's good, she's good!  Check out the brows section above to know how multi-talented Maribeth is.  As a former lead global makeup artist for Laura Mercier, she's spent countless hours and many years traveling the world educating other artists.  Even though I have so many great relationships with makeup artists through work, hen it came to my wedding day, there was no one else I had in mind to work with.  The Laura Mercier aesthetic is just what I was seeking and Maribeth was the master.


Soho & Midtown East

This makeup studio offers three full-faced looks that range from $50 - $75 depending on how glam you want to go.  My favorite Is the most natural called, "You... Only Better," which is $50.  I sent all of my bridesmaids there before my wedding day and some of them did their own makeup and just got lashes at Rouge for $15.  They also offer other services like makeup tutorials and house calls.