Westgate Park City Resort & Spa

a spa experience that was truly pampering

Serenity Spa

After snowmobiling at Sundance, Joe and I spent the afternoon at the Serenity Spa at our hotel, the Westgate Part City Resort & Spa, which was such a treat!  Attending the Sundance film festival is far from a vacation.  The movie schedules are crazy and shuffling to and from events in the snow during the overcrowded week is exhausting so a time out was much appreciated.  This was the first time I felt truly relaxed at a spa in a very long time.

The Serenity Spa at the Westgate is beautiful.  Typically when I try a new spa, I, like most New Yorkers, am in and out as quickly as possible, because I'm often running to a meeting before and after. Instead of taking advantage of the pampering spas provide, I typically look at getting a massage or facial as a necessary service to either clean out my pores or work on my body that's always so tight from working out.  I guess you can say that the services more like errands than anything else.


This trip however, I actually unplugged for hours and enjoyed all of the amenities the spa had to offer before my massage.  There was a co-ed hot tub, (which felt so good after snowmobiling), sauna and steam room and I allowed myself the luxury of time to take advantage of all three. When my masseuse asked about the pressure, I said (and probably for the first time), "I just want to relax."  Normally, I always get deep tissue massages and find myself wincing in pain on the table thanks to all of my knots.  

This afternoon reminded me that sometimes, I have to take a break from the hustle and bustle to just unwind.  I left feeling relaxed with a clear head and happy heart.  

Do you ever give yourself a real break?  How so?


The Westgate Park City Resort & Spa is located at 3000 Canyons Resort Drive Park City, UT.