Ingredient Spotlight: Kombucha


I know, you've been seeing kombucha everywhere lately; so here's what all the hype's all about.  Health benefits such as detoxification, joint health, digestion and immune boosting properties are helping to fuel the Kombucha trend and popularity.  According to Alex Galindez, General Manager of BluePrint®, the carbonated alternative to soda has been in high demand.

Kombucha is proving to be so much more than a fad, with sustained sales growth over recent years demonstrating it’s here to stay. It’s a beverage with ancient traditions that is benefiting from renewed interest in modern diets- especially as they evolve more and more into all-purpose health potions.
— Galindez


Their new drink line consists of four varieties that retail for $3.49 per bottle.  My favorite is the first one, Kale-a-lu-ya.  Pick your poison: 



Kale, spinach, parsley juice is the ultimate refreshing beverage and an excellent source of antioxidant Vitamin A. 

Miss Tang

Lime, lemon and ginger juice helps to support the immune system.  

Raise the Roots

Beet, carrot and ginger juice helps to maintain stamina for extra-curricular activities and is packed with Vitamin A. 

Sweet Heat

Ginger, apple and lemon juice with a cayenne pepper kick to help reset and re-energize.