Soul Candy: Pizza

A slice goes a long way


I sat in a park to meditate before a big meeting at the Hearst Tower where many were eating their lunches. You know, trying to attract those positive vibes and reduce my anxiety. Once I was done, I still had about five minutes before I needed to go in and began people watching.  

A man and woman, coworkers it seems, were sitting together enjoying their pizza when a homeless man walked through the park and stopped in front of them.  "Can I please have a slice?  Just one," he asked desperately as the colleagues stared at him.  The woman only had one and was about half way through, but the man had a mini to-go box on his lap with his half eaten slice and another.  Without hesitation, he handed the man his second slice and they all went on with their lives.

I was so grateful to witness this scene.  Normally, I'm so lost in social media or my emails when I have a free second that I don't always take the time to look up and notice the world around me.  It was a heart warming experience and lesson in disguise.

The "Soul Candy" series features heartwarming stories showcasing kindness and love in the world.  I'd love for you to submit your story to be featured as well!