New Series: Soul Candy


As someone who's always trying to see the world through a compassionate, optimistic lens, I'm excited to start a new series, soul candy, showcasing random acts of kindness featuring heart warming stories that show the love and happiness in the world.  

I don't know about you, but I despise watching the news.  The mainstream media exaggerates and exhausts any story that showcases sadness, violence and horror just to get people to tune in for ratings.  It's sickening. Living in a world of terror, it's important to remember, that we're also still living in a world of love.  I invite you, my readers, to submit your random acts of kindness stories via email as I'd love to spread the news.

“I read your blog post about what you saw in Como and want to help.”
— Liam Carey

For my first story (and now that I'm doing this I have a growing list of things that happened just this past week!) I want to tell you about my hairstylist, Liam Carey at Broome and Beauty in NYC. Liam and I have been friends for about five years now and even as a beauty blogger who gets offered free treatments elsewhere, I've for the most part always been loyal to him.  

Last week, I visited him for a cut and when I went to pay he said, "No, take the money you'd normally give me and donate to UNICEF to help the refugees.  I read your blog post about what you saw in Como and want to help."  See post here.  

My eyes almost filled up with tears, but when he saw that said, "Don't you get all mushy with me, go!"  And off I went with a heart filled with joy.  There are truly kind hearted people in this world and these types of random acts of kindess need to be celebrated.