Must Have: IntelliRoll


If you've been following my blog or Instagram for a while now, then you know I'm obsessed with working out (in a good way).  While I'm most loyal to Bar Method classes and practicing yoga, I'm always up for a FlyWheel or SLT class.  Lately, I've been attempting (key word) to run and it's left me incredibly sore – everywhere.  When the IntelliRoll ended up on my doorstep, I knew I had a new best friend.

My husband, Joe, is a runner (completed the NYC Half in March) and one of the keys to his success is using a foam roller.  Now, I've used them before, but truthfully never take the time to add them into my regimen even though I know I should.  Until now, that running has left me soar and crunchy!  


The IntelliRoll is a specialized foam roller that's designed to meet the contours of your body.  Like nothing I've ever seen, it even has different textures for different purposes.  For example, it has little raised spiky areas that hit your back at just the right spot.  After watching the YouTube videos to learn how to use it correctly, I've been using it daily.  The difference it makes in the way I feel is worth taking the time.