Indie Beauty Best Sellers

to help you cut through the clutter...


Last week I attended the Indie Beauty Expo at the Metropolitan Pavilion in NYC in hopes to find some real gems.  After walking around meeting founders and testing products for over two hours, I narrowed down my favorite brands and got the scoop on their top sellers.  The overall trend at the expo was "farm to face" and it will be interesting to see which brands become mainstream favorites.  Here are my favorite five indie beauty buys to put on your radar.

Edible Beauty

Top Seller: No. 1 Belle Frais Facial Cleansing Milk, $54

You can literally eat everything this brand makes, that's how clean it is.  This gentle, coconut milk cleanser is part of their core four skincare products, effectively removes makeup and helps to balance the skin.

R.L. Linden & Co

Top Seller: Uplifting Deodorant Spray, $15

They can't seem to keep this one in stock.  Yes, $15 for a deo sounds pricey, but if it's all natural and actually works, people are willing to pay.  Tip: Spritz it on the soles of your feet before a yoga class for better traction on the mat.


Top Seller: Honey Berry Enzyme Mask, $44

According to my facialist, this is one of the best products in the line so it's no surprise it's also Laurel's top seller.  Good for all skin types, it uses strawberries, blue berries, honey and royal jelly (bee secretion, I know yuck) to gently exfoliate the skin.

Au Naturel Cosmetics

Top Seller: Creme Concealor, $24

This mineral concealor is buildable so it works on everything from dark under eyes to pimples.  Available in eight shades.

Pour le Monde

Top Seller: Envision, $83

This is the first 100% natural fragrance line ever to exist!  I was drawn to it right away because I have a hard time finding fragrances that don't give me headaches.  Free of sulfates and binders, it's migraine approved.  There are three fragrances in the collection and Envision is not only their number one seller, but also my favorite thanks to the uplifting citrus notes combined with lavender and dried down with sexy notes of patchouli and sandalwood.