New Wellness Loot Worth Buying

Lately, I've been noticing that more and more lifestyle brands are taking a wellness approach targeting how they can become part of a healthy lifestyle and it makes me so happy.  Beauty brands caught onto this a while back and began creating cleaner products and marketing them towards health enthusiasts like myself, but recent mailings I received proved that this wellness thing is way more than just "trendy."  It's a lifestyle that's not going anywhere... Here are some of my favorite new products that are completely on brand.


Always Sheer Dailies

Typically, I'm not one to wear pads or even discuss period issues in my work, but when I received a recent mailing with the latest from Always, I was impressed and felt the need to share.  These liners are super thin (like credit card thin), flexible and barely there, making them a perfect compliment to your activewear (never mind every day life).


Jockey Activewear

Did you know that Jockey (yes, the underwear brand) now makes fitness apparel?  And not only is it comfortable, but it's also cute!  From jackets and tanks to sports bras, shorts and leggings, the collection offers a full array of colors and styles at very affordable prices.  PS: Did I tell you I started running (or attempting to run)?  Yoga and barre are wonderful, but this girl needs some cardio!


CVS Health

While this isn't a specific product, I found the relaunch of CVS Health products to be interesting.  From whitening strips to cold and cough syrups and even manuka honey adhesive pads (to help wound healing, duh), CVS has stepped it up in the healthcare department.