Kathryn Budig, Yoga Teacher & Author

on her new book, favorite beauty buys & LA hot spots


When I picked up Kathryn Budig's new book, Aim True, I immediately wanted to be friends with her.  As a yoga teacher and author, she's taking the wellness scene by storm by inspiring her followers to be honest with themselves and live a life of fulfillment by "nourishing their spirit."  Kathryn recently partnered with Vapour Organic, to create a signature multi-use product.  Here' she talks about what drew her to yoga, her favorite beauty buys and favorite LA hot spots.

What’s the most common intention you start each day with and why?

To embrace who I am everyday and to get out into the world and light it up.

What initially drew you to practicing yoga?

A fellow musical theatre actor introduced me to the practice and it quickly became the highlight of my week. I hardly knew anything about yoga except that I always felt amazing after practicing.


Congratulations on your new book, Aim True!  What is the most important part of your 5 day purification process?

My hope is that it can actually make someone WANT to eat healthy food. I don’t want it to feel like a punishment or like you’re being deprived. I want it to be a way to reboot your system and make healthy food taste desirable.



What does your ideal, daily food diary look like?

I like to start my day with tons of water, a mug of warm bone broth, and an almond milk latte and green juice from my favorite shop, The Daily. Beyond that, I love experimenting in my kitchen with new recipes. I’ve been on a huge spaghetti squash kick. I’ll use it as a base/grain replacement and then go to town with different sauces, veggies and proteins. I also love red wine! Not unusual to have a delicious full bodied red paired with my meals. 

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten and who was it from?

Seane Corn once told me that she would happily teach me everything she knows if I promised to always help anyone who asked for it. She taught me the importance of respect, letting go of competitiveness and supporting your tribe.

What are some of your favorite LA places to eat, shop and hang out?

I always hit up True Food Kitchen and Katsuya when I’m back in town. I love Intelligencia and Blue Bottle on Abbott Kinney, and always walk through the Venice canals if I have time (that’s where I used to live and walk my dog everyday).

How important is natural beauty to you?


It’s become incredibly important to me. It struck me a few years back that I was so diligent with putting organic food into my body, but wasn’t do the same for my skin. Ever since that realization I’ve been researching amazing organic brands as well as experimenting at home with making my own products.

What are your favorite natural beauty buys right now?

I’m a huge fan of everything from RMS Beauty. Vapour Organic Beauty is stunning (they also let me create a custom lip/check color for them called Artemis) as is W3ll People. Eminence Beauty and Dr. Alkaitis are my go-to’s for skin care. They’re all organic AND cruelty free, which is imperative to me. 

How else do you live beautifully?

I laugh regularly. I enjoy a wearing sweats as much as I do wearing sparkles and heels. I’m unattached to a societal definition of beauty, and rather focus on how I feel. 

Beauty is _______.

loving exactly who you are.