Color Correctors

exactly how to use the rainbow of shades

Lately, I've been dealing with a bit of acne (hello, redness) and have dark circles in the inner corners of my under eyes, however, I can make all of it vanish within seconds.  Enter color correctors.  I'm not typically high maintenance when it comes to makeup, but I will do whatever I can to ensure that my skin looks even and healthy – even if I have to fake it.  Here's a guide on how to use color correctors properly.  Yes, there's a method.

Green neutralizes redness and is great for rosacea and blemishes

Yellow neutralizes purple and redness and is great for under eye dark circles 

Lavender adds brightness and is great for undereyes

Peach neutralizes blues and purples and is great for dark spots (light skin tones)

Orange neutralizes deeper blues and purples  (medium skin tones)

Brick neutralizes blue and black dark spots (deep skin tones)

Two brands I'm really loving right now are Urban Decay Color Correcting Fluid, available in five colors and this new kit by Cover FX called Correct Click, which is a customizable stick that comes with 6 color correcting shades that you can pop in as needed.