Hottest Meditation Apps

"The quieter you become, the more you can hear" ~Ram Dass

The Mindfulness App, $1.99

This app lets you create your own guided meditations - customizing how long and what type you want to do that day. It includes a range of guided and silent meditations from three to thirty minutes. It also contains a library with meditations by some of the world's foremost meditation teachers. For a low price, this app will provide many benefits and help you become more present in your daily life.

Buddhify, $4.99

This app is known as the "mindfulness app for modern life" and this is because it leads you through guided meditations in even the busiest of situations. Ranging from five to thirty minutes, the meditation tracks are designed specifically for different parts of your day, such as going to sleep, being online, taking a work break, and more. Buddhify helps you bring a sense of mindfulness and calm into your daily activities. 


Social media doesn't destroy our psyche all the time. In fact, there are apps that can help you fit a mediation session into your busy schedule. Many people are hesitant to give meditation a try, so apps provide opportunity for individuals to discover the power of meditation on their own. Here's a list of some of the hottest meditation apps right now to discover which one is best for you...


 Meditation Studio, $2.99

This app has over 160 guided meditations featuring different styles, teachers, and traditions. It offers specific collections such as "Be Healthy," "Be Awesome, "Be Kind," and "Be Curious," which give you the tools and skills to feel great in these areas. Meditation studio also offers courses that dive deeper into specific meditation topics such as "Meditation Essentials" and "Changing Habits."

Headspace, $12.99/month

Headspace is meditation made simple. Emma Watson has dubbed it as "kind of genius," so it must be legit. This app includes guided and unguided meditations and lessons that range from two to 60 minutes long. Andy Puddicombe, the founder and vocal guide in the app, helps you train your mind by offering new daily techniques. What's especially great about this app is that you can try introductory features for free!