The Happiness Formula

a formula to live by


I just booked a trip to LA and am beyond excited to get back out there.  The excitement and happiness I feel when on the West Coast doesn't compare to my day-to-day in NYC.  There's just something about the sunshine.  However, I found a formula by Deepak Chopra, MD that explains how you can take charge of your happiness.  Even on cold, wintery NYC days.  Check it out.

H = S + C + V

The happiness formula is compromised of three parts, each of which hold a different weight in affecting your overall happiness.

H = Happiness

By definition, happy means feeling or showing pleasure or contentment.   

S = set point for happiness, 50%

This is heavily influenced by your upbringing and the people you've surrounded yourself with your entire life. Where does yours start? For starters, are you an optimist or a pessimist?   

This set point for happiness can be influenced by C and V.  For example, if I asked you how happy you generally were on a scale of 1-10 and you said 5, C and V can help to raise or lower it.

C = conditions economically, 12%

How often do you think about money?  

V = voluntary choices,  38%

What do you do in your free time?  From shopping, eating, to working out and spending time with friends and family, what you do daily  heavily influences your personal happiness factor.

Being mindful about the happiness formula, will help to set you up for your happiest days yet.