Must Have: Laurel Facial Mask

It's so clean you can eat it.

If you're looking for new effective, yet natural skincare, listen up.  I first discovered Laurel at the Indie Beauty Expo in NYC last year and after talking to the founder, knew the skincare collection was something special.  The flower and herb based line is crafted mindfully using 100% organic ingredients (you won't even find water or alcohol in their ingredient list).  After testing a slew of products, I fell in love with the Honey Berry Enzyme Mask.

Made with honey, royal jelly (stimulates collagen production), strawberry, blueberry and grapefruit essential oil, it smells luxuriously like the jam you would spread on a croissant while sipping tea at the Plaza Hotel.  The vibrant berry hued shade is gorgeous, but once applied to damp skin, it's more translucent.  I left the mask on my face for 20 minutes and immediately after rinsing it off, I found it exfoliated and nourished my skin so it felt smoother and appeared more radiant.  

I'll admit, even though I love embodying a holistic lifestyle as a vegan, a yoga teacher and nutrition counselor, most of the skincare products I use are loaded with chemicals. It's been a mission of mind to find new products made with precious, organic ingredients that actually work.