Probiotics: The Answer to Gut Health

Your body will thank you...

It wasn't until I studied nutrition at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and became a Holistic Health Coach that I realized the importance of probiotics.  It's the one supplement I recommend all of my clients take as I truly believe that it's beneficial for balancing gut bacteria and keeping your digestive system healthy amongst other things.  As a health coach and yoga teacher, my lifestyle is dedicated to finding balance, health and internal peace and helping others do the same.  When it comes to taking probiotics, that part of my regimen just got easier.  Enter: The morning routine.

Each day, I begin my mornings with a meditation practice (here's my post about TM) then drink a cup of decaf lemon tea as I check some emails and eat a healthy, well-balanced breakfast composted of protein, healthy fat and fruit or vegetables.  Then, I practice (or teach) yoga, or attend a barre class.  My routine is non-negotiable.  All work meetings or events start only when that's all done.  In order to feel my best, my morning routine is imperative.

I'm excited to share that Tropicana (creators of my fave OJ) is launching a new juice line infused with probiotics (on store shelves everywhere early in 2017) called Tropicana Probiotics.  The juice combinations pair perfectly with my breakfast and are JM Coaching approved.  Made from 100% juice, and sans added sugars or artificial flavoring, each 8 oz. serving delivers one billion active cultures and provides enough Vitamin C for the entire day.  

Do you have a morning routine?  

Even if it means waking up a half hour earlier, I challenge you to come up with morning rituals that will make you feel great not just the rest of the day, but also in the long run.  Whether you've been taking probiotics or not, I highly recommend you begin incorporating them into your diet.  These juices are a nutritious addition to your breakfast (don't even tell me you skip breakfast!) and an easy way to make sure you're keeping yourself balanced.

The three Tropicana Probiotics flavors include: Strawberry Banana (if you've seen my smoothies on Instagram you know this one is my fave), Pineapple Mango and Peach Passion Fruit.  

*This is a sponsored post by Tropicana, but all of my thoughts and actions are true.