Soul Candy: Tiny Hats

I'm excited to begin the new year with a story about my grandmother.  Of course I'm partial in saying that's she's one of the kindest, most thoughtful women you'd ever meet, but she really is. I'm sure after hearing this Soul Candy story you'd agree.  

My grandma, almost 82 years old, is a vibrant woman who keeps up with her kids and grandkids on Facebook (she's always in the know about my upcoming TV segments and tunes in), loves socializing with her friends and husband in Florida during the wintertime and like many, loves knitting.  

With her free time and knitting skills, she turned a hobby into an act of kindness that makes her and everyone around her feel good.  She knits hats for infants and donates them to local hospitals.  I just found out about this hobby when she showed up at my house on Christmas Day with a garbage bag full of tiny baby hats for my sister (who's a PA) to donate to her hospital's NICU, where she often works.

Talk about an act of kindness!  

The "Soul Candy" series features heartwarming stories showcasing kindness and love in the world.  I'd love for you to submit your story to be featured as well!