New Year, Rejuvenated You

let's do this...


Since the beginning of December, my inbox has been flooded with pitches titled, "New Year, New You," which I've written a thousand times myself, but these stories tend to point us toward products for makeovers and weight loss tips in order to find fulfillment and happiness.  The turn of the year however, isn't about finding happiness through fleeting vices.  Instead, it's a reminder to reflect on your lifestyle and set intentions to make necessary changes in order to live more beautifully.  So welcome, "New Year, Rejuvenated You," because you're already awesome.

With the new year marking a fresh start in time, it is important to take the time and reflect on the year that's past.  For better or worse, the learnings of 2016 will help set intentions for 2017.  In my prior post, I wrote about setting intentions in order to achieve your new goals (resolutions aren't as effective).  

It's your time to be selfish when setting intentions on how to live a happier, peaceful, more mindful life.  The term "self care" has been trending on Google and this is the best time put yourself first.  Once you make your list of intentions, prioritize them.  I love creating a new vision board at the turn of the year that clearly displays my intentions and keeping it on my desk as a constant reminder of the life I intend to pursue.  (Here's my post on how to make a vision board in case you're interested.)  

Of course the hype of the new year almost acts like permission to start over, but let me remind you, that each time the sun rises, we have the chance to create fresh start.  

Happy New Year.

Wishing you all peace, love and happiness.