Nesting is Now Trendy


I had the honor to attend Well + Good's wellness trend event at The Redbury in NYC a few weeks ago.  There, a panel of very well respected experts dished about what to expect for 2017.  Out of all of the 12 trends, a few really stood out to me.  One they called, "Nesting at home is the new going out," which actually makes me (and probably a lot of you) a trendsetter.

I love, love, love staying in.  Call me boring, but these days, an ideal Friday night for me involves a glass of wine and a Netfilx binge session (have you guys seen The Crown?) at home with Joe and my cats (total cat lady, I know).  We've worked hard to make our apartment feel like a home and there's truly nowhere else I'd rather be – most of the time.

It's no surprise that research is up 121%. Nesting encourages self care, time to relax, unwind and allow yourself "me time," which most of us don't actually take the time out for.  Personally, my #SelfCareSundays involve yoga, reading, a face and hair mask, and eating a home cooked meal prepared by Joe.  Truth is, if we don't take time to nest and set aside time for self care, we can't possibly give our all to others and daily activities. 

How do you recharge your battery?