Put Your Best Face Forward this Holiday Season

5 beauty hacks every girl should know

There's no doubt that the busy holiday season takes a toll on our beauty and wellness routines. Weeks of parties, alcohol and hours in makeup means that you need to take extra good care of your skin. Here are five easy tips and remedies to help you look and feel your best – even after a late-night of celebrating.

Problem: Puffy Eyes

Solution: Combat your puffy eyes with tea bags. The caffeine in the tea will work to de-puff your eyes as antioxidants help to reduce swelling by tightening your skin. 

Soak two tea bags in warm water, squeeze out excess water and then chill them for about five minutes in a refrigerator. Dry skin and lay down, placing one tea bag on each eye for about five minutes 

Photo Via @ drdennisgross

Photo Via @drdennisgross

Problem: Dull Skin

Solution: In the winter, we often describe our skin as "dull," meaning it has lost its bright, healthy glow. 

An easy (and fun) way to brighten and re-energize your skin is to use a hydrating face mask once to twice per week.

Photo Via @ detoxfruitwater

Photo Via @detoxfruitwater

Problem: Dry Skin 

Solution: Dry skin isn't solely caused by the cold air. In fact, there are several things you can do besides putting on lotion, such as drinking water and fluids with antioxidants in order to keep your skin hydrated. 


Photo Via  Pretty Designs

Photo Via Pretty Designs

Problem: Tired eyes

Solution: Brighten eyes with white eyeliner. Trace along the inner corners of your waterline to instantly widen the appearance of your eyes and make you look more awake than you feel throughout the holiday season.

White eyeliner opens up your eyes, whereas black eyeliner can make them appear smaller. 

Photo Via @ eatthisnotthat

Photo Via @eatthisnotthat

Problem: Skin flakiness or redness

Solution: Indulge in foods that will give you a glowing complexion such as kale. This superfood is rich in Vitamin A, which is crucial for beautiful skin and a winter nutrition staple. 

There are plenty of ways to incorporate kale into your diet this winter; whether you add it to your soup or start the day with a rich, kale smoothie.