Must Have: Yes to Miracle Oil


I already know that you guys love this line – Yes to.  I've been watching the brand, (which started with Yes to Carrots), evolve throughout my decade long career in the beauty industry and am constantly impressed with their new collections.  Always priding themselves on effective, good-for-you skincare at bargain prices, Yes to is perhaps my favorite drugstore beauty brand of all time.  Their latest launch arrived just in time for winter.

The Yes to Miracle Oil collection prides itself on primrose and agran oils.  Primrose oil contains fatty acids, which help to decrease inflammation in the skin and treat conditions like eczema, whereas argan oil is known for adding moisture to dry skin and hair.  The collection includes both, primrose (to calm and soothe) and argan oil (to brighten and condition) facial wipes, single-use mud masks, face and oils.

I love the primrose products and regularly use the primRose Oil 2-in-1 Cleansing + Moisturizing Facial Wipes and nightly add a drop of the oil into my moisturizer. The mud masks are also one of my favorite new products.  They come in little pouches with just enough formula for a single use making them easy to travel with.

Keep your eye on this brand, because if you're not already in love, I guarantee you'll find one of their collections to be the one for you.  Plus, almost everything is under $10!