Soul Candy: Rescue Dogs

This "Soul Candy" series is my favorite feature. I'm so glad that I added to the blog this year.  Your stories keep pouring in and I feel grateful to be able to share good news and random acts of kindness with all of you.  

This one was written by a woman who regularly adopts senior dogs in order to give them a wonderful last few years and will make you want to run to the nearest shelter to help!

I took my dog in for a teeth cleaning at my vet and in the waiting room was the woman who works at the warden’s office in town. She was at the shelter when I got a couple of my senior dogs and had come in to spay one of the new females dogs at the shelter in order to put her up for adoption. She was talking to the vet’s assistant about how they have a lot of female dogs in the shelter and that while they want to get them adopted, they’re unable to because they don’t have the funds to get the necessary spays before adopting them out.

When she left, I told the vet that I’d pay for the shelter’s spay. Not only will it get this dog adopted, but also allow another female waiting at the shelter get adopted as well.

I have four senior dogs now, all came from homes of people who became disabled in some way and could no longer care for them.