Must Have: PCA Skin Pigment Bar


I was first introduced to this product years ago and while I had hyperpigmentation and definitely could have used it, I also had no clue what to do with it and decided it wasn't worth figuring out.  Biggest mistake ever.  I was recently reintroduced to not only this product, but the brand, PCA Skin, and cannot believe how effective the skincare collection is.

I've been using the PCA Skin Pigment Bar day and night for the past few weeks after I cleanse my face, because I'm addicted.  (I have one of those personalities where if I really love a product, I'm loyal to it and become obsessive.  This is definitely one of those products.  Rant over.)  The soap-like bar comes in a jar with several sponges.  I simply wet the sponge and rub it onto the bar to create a lather and then apply it all over my face.  After two minutes, I rinse, pat dry and continue on with my regimen.  

It is a cleanser, but because I'm so OCD about my skincare regimen, I cleanse first with PCA Skin BPO cleanser and then double down with this one.  Formulated with azelaic acid, kojic acid and niacinamide, the trifecta work to help even out my skin tone and I also believe they help to keep breakouts at bay.  Typically, I'm skeptical when cleansers and (anything you rinse away like shampoo) claim to make a real difference, but this product has proven me wrong.

I'm telling you, it's been a magical, transformative experience.  If you have hyperpigmentation or little marks left over from acne, it's actually a steal for the price.