Introducing The JM Collective

CEW article this morning

CEW article this morning

I'm so excited to introduce today with the help of Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW), the launch of my new business – The JM Collective. Throughout the past decade, acting as a writer, editor, blogger, influencer and TV contributor in the beauty and wellness space, most of my career has been very public and I've been fortunate enough to share it all with you.  What you don't know is what's been happening behind the scenes that's now taken on a life of it's own.

As a freelancer, one has to wear many hats.  My dreams have been fulfilled thanks to my editorial career and I look forward to continuing all of my work in that space as writing and networking in this industry is a passion of mine and I consider myself very lucky to be able to do so.  Behind the scenes however, thanks to my expertise in the industry, I've been consulting for brands, PR agencies and entrepreneurs for the past seven years.  

Today, as a natural evolution in my career, I'd like to introduce The JM Collective, a boutique branding and marketing consultancy that specializes in creating brand identities for professionals and their businesses (indie brands welcome, too) in the beauty and wellness industry.

What began as allowing some to "pick my brain over coffee" and career coaching has developed into a business.  Currently, I'm working with a dermatologist, colorist and jewelry designer to help define and celebrate their identities and build awareness of their services.  Working with entrepreneurs in this space and watching them succeed has been incredibly rewarding and I've carefully curated a team of professionals to help me bring visions to life.