I Got My Hands on A Micro-Pick

because who doesn't want to micro-needle their face?


One of the main reasons I love going for facials is because the estheticians are able to offer cleaner, brighter skin that's way better than anything I can do during a Sunday evening pamper session. Besides their training, they also have the right tools needed to make sure the products they use are as effective as possible.  Enter the micro-pick – my newest obsession. Here's the deal on micro-needling and why you need the treatment from Candida Almeida, Founder of the Fountain of Beauty Spa in Milburn, NJ who just launched the Micro-Pick Booster Facial as a pain free way to rejuvenate your skin by kick-starting collagen production.

Clinical studies have shown that absorption of serums is increased by 1000 due to the usage of this device.
— Candida Almeida

Who is a good candidate for the treatment?  

Everyone is a great candidate, but micro-needling is ideal for someone who wants to decrease the sign of aging due to wrinkles and loss of firmness to the skin.

Are there any devices on the market that are safe for consumers to use or should one leave it up to their esthetician? 

It's better left to an esthetician as it's possible to scar the skin if you're not properly trained on how to use it, but as long as you have an understanding of how to use the micro-pick and use it gently, it's safe for at-home use. Try using the device twice a week for best results.  

Is there any difference between the ones on Amazon and the one you use during facials?  

A lot of the ones sold on Amazon have a lot of needles and have longer and thicker needles, which can be harmful to the skin.  The one I use has 180 rotating micro-needles that are 0.5 mm and are made in stainless steel-  it's ultimate one of the best products. 

How do you use the tool?  

A serum must be applied to the skin before using the the micro-pick.  Once the serum is applied, roll the device horizontal and the vertical on the whole face.  Some areas are sensitive so you will feel it more.