Soul Candy: Smile

I'm so excited to be getting submissions for this new feature.  Soul Candy is a new series where I want to share your stories!  If you notice a random act of kindness, or participate in one yourself, please share your uplifting story with me so I can spread the light.  This story came in from a reader who would like to remain anonymous.  It actually landed in my inbox when I needed a smile myself.

I helped a young man who has aspergers. He was 14 in high school, started to notice girls and had a canine tooth, which stuck out of his mouth sideways. His mother was homeless so I paid the orthodontist to straighten his teeth so he would smile properly with confidence. He was so happy and sincerely grateful and I’m happy it boosted his confidence. He is now 16 and is truly a sweet young man. He deserves so much which his mother can’t give him. It just felt good to know he felt better about himself.


The "Soul Candy" series features heartwarming stories showcasing kindness and love in the world.  I'd love for you to submit your story to be featured as well!