Easy Breathing Meditation


Recently, someone asked me how to boost their energy without caffeine.  For me, the answer came easy, but my friend was left skeptical.  Seriously, meditate.  Whether you’re feeling tired, anxious or are just looking to start your day off full of positive energy, take a few minutes to meditate. 

Start by sitting up straight and comfortable, close your eyes and begin paying attention to your breath.  Inhale through your nose for five counts, pause at the top of your inhale for one count and then exhale through your nose for five counts and repeat the cycle at least five times. Breath work helps to regulate oxygen flow in your blood, which makes you more aware, alert and energized.

This type of meditation is an easily obtainable form that can be done almost anywhere from the shower to the subway.  And yes, you can do it, because it's not about clearing your mind.  Here's my guide to de-bunking meditation myths.