YogaWorks Teacher Training: The Final Week

We did it!


Yesterday was my last day in YogaWorks Intensive Teacher Training and I'm feeling very emotional about it.  When I tell you that this was the most rewarding and transformative experience of my life, I'm not exaggerating.  

The month was tough for me – trying to find balance dedicating myself to a full time training while being a full time freelancer wasn't easy (see my week 1 review for more on that), but the challenge was exactly what I needed at this time in order to move forward with my vision and direction of life.  I've been told that the Universe has my back and you know what, I actually believe it.

I'm sitting here writing this in shock that I actually completed the program, excited to apply for a teaching apprenticeship at my Hoboken studioproud of myself and my classmates for truly putting our all into the program, relieved that I can get back to my life, but a bit sad at the same time, because I'm really going miss the friendly, supportive community and friends I made.  I guess you can say the completion of the program is bitter sweet.  

Completing this training was exactly what I needed to find that and place myself on a stronger path leading towards self acceptance and service.

After our teaching practicum Friday morning, Chrissy and Nicole set up the most beautiful, sacred ceremony.  This month kind of felt like I was back in my sorority's hell week (only for for a month this time) and this ceremony was the initiation.  If you were in a sorority, you know exactly what I mean.  (Shout out to Alpha Delta Pi!)


Even though we successfully completed our 200 hour training, there are three tests we need to pass in order to get "YogaWorks Certified" and be able to register for the Yoga Alliance.  This week we took a two hour in class written exam that focused on anatomy, alignment, sanskrit and philosophy (the Yoga Sutras) and of course, we all passed.  After living, breathing and even dreaming (almost nightly) about what we were learning, I felt more than prepared.  Then yesterday we had our teaching practicum, which further proved how confident and capable we were to actually do this – not just lead a class, but intelligently teach a class.  The final test is a comprehensive at-home written exam, which we have two weeks to hand in.


Since I've been in the program, many of you have been asking, Why YogaWorks? With so many yoga studios in the NYC area and teacher trainings available, how did I choose?

To put it bluntly, I knew their program wasn't full of BS.  It's internationally recognized and the credibility of the training is highly admired in the industry.  I had classmates from Australia, London, Guatemala, Germany and all over the US, because it's that credible.  Not only did Chrissy and Nicole teach alignment, anatomy, philosophy, sanskrit and sequencing methods, but they taught it all in a way that was easy to digest, relatable and strategic.  After going through this program, I'm completely confident that I have the strongest foundation I could possibly have and will be able to apply my learnings into any type of yoga class I plan on teaching.

I've grown as a person. I feel that throughout the past two plus years, I've been on a spiritual path searching for fulfillment.  Completing this training was exactly what I needed to find that and place myself on a stronger path leading towards self acceptance and service.  I'm forever grateful to my teachers and am looking forward to merging my holistic health coaching certification with teaching yoga and starting something new.