New Year, Real You


Do you know how many times I've written the story, New Year, New You, about how to reinvent yourself and your look?  Ugh.  That headline.  This year, I'm talking New Year, Real You, because you know what, no matter what intentions you set or changes you hope to make now or within 2016, you're still you.  So let's get real.

With the start of the new year, resolutions are made (and often forgotten).  The thing is, resolutions are solutions to problems – weight, money, eating habits, you get the drill.  And I think two of the main reasons we fall off is because they're either too aggressive or too limiting.  This year, instead of focusing on the negatives let's talk about setting intentions.  

What’s truly important to you?

What do you intend to do that will make you a happier, healthier person?  Think bigger.  What real lifestyle choices are you going to practice in order to be the change.  Maybe you're not sure yet, and that's OK.  At this time of year, it's important not only to think about how we can better ourselves, but also about what's truly important.  Once you begin to think about what's important to you, your intentions shine through and you'll be in a better position to make changes (if need be).

Personally, health is very important to me and constantly on my mind. Therefore, each day I take the appropriate steps to make sure I'm at my optimal health (well, as much as I have the ability to control), which ultimately makes me feel like my truest self – living at my highest potential – fulfilled and happy.  Those steps are part of a comprehensive lifestyle.  They're not limiting and they're not outrageous.  If I want to eat a Justins peanut butter cup, I eat the damn peanut butter cup.  If I want a martini, I enjoy a buzz.

So this year, forget the pressure that lies behind a resolution.  Instead, be the change you wish to see in yourself, in others and in the world. Embody it.  Live beautifully.