6 Rules for Manifestation

thanks to Gabby Bernstein


Enlightened and refreshed.  That's exactly how I feel right now after getting home from a Philosophy event where Gabby Bernstein spoke for an hour about manifesting.  It's been almost two years since I first met the self proclaimed spirit junkie over breakfast and thanks to her guidance, influence and inspiration, I've learned how to see through the eyes of love, manifest my wildest dreams and live in my most authentic truth.  Tonight, she shared her six rules for manifesting and so of course it's my duty, to share them with you, too.

1. Witness your crazy and call it for what it is

Of course whatever your goals are, we all have that 'crazy voice' inside of us that's dictated by fear and angst.  Have you ever said, "It has to be this way."?  Think about a goal: maybe you want to be engaged, maybe you're searching for the perfect apartment, maybe you're ready for a career move.  That controlling behavior we allow our minds to have over our goals can only get in the way.  Recognize it and dismiss it.

Dwell in the energy of joy!

2. Live with optimism and renewed hope

Optimism and hope are the keys that will help you start to ignore that crazy voice.  You have the control to change your story.  When crazy, controlling thoughts arise, say to yourself, "I chose to see hope instead of this and am open to creative possibilities."  That will enable you to take your blinders off and begin appreciative where you are in the present moment.

3. Clarify your goals 

Understand and define what they are and then let them go.  Good things take time. Try making a vision board (here's what mine looks like) to start manifesting your goals with the right energy behind them and then release them.

4. Become a magnet for miracles

Really!  Think high vibe thoughts, believe in them and feel them.  Your energy frequency will start to change for the better and you'll naturally begin to attract things you want in your life.  

5. Ask for a sign and chill

Whether your higher power is God, the Universe or something else, pray for a sign and simply ground yourself in the presence of your faith.  As Gabby says, "The Universe has your back."  Believe it.

6. Glow

Be the joy in the world and walk through life as the light.  Be the light!  I wrote a post about this a few weeks ago.