The Power of Manifestation

Ever since I read the book The Secret years ago, I've been manifesting everything and it's worked.  The book is all about the law of attraction and how what you put out into the universe, the universe will give back.  Well guess what, it truly works and here's how to create a clear vision of your goals and make them happen.  

Throughout the years, I manifested TV hosting gigs, brand partnerships and even finding the love of my life.  Since I started putting that energy out into the universe, I've hosted for E!, had brand partnerships beyond my wildest dreams and yes, even got married.  

When I first quit my full time job six years ago, my manager, Karen Robinovitz, held a vision board workshop where I created my dream life including career, apartment, love, travel and fitness goals.  Looking back at that board, I can happily say, mission accomplished.  Through a combination of manifesting, hard work and good relationships, I made my dreams come true.  You know what they say – think big and then think bigger.  Your thoughts are the only thing holding you back from accomplishment.  Watch.

What's left of my first vision board:

As I've grown throughout the past six years and found new passions, I'm sure you've noticed changes in my writing.  With fitness, health and nutrition heavy on the mind (and heart), optimal wellness is a new passion and goal.  More than that though – I'm excited to be able to use my platform as well as other platforms I report for to spread the knowledge and inspire.  

I've been working on a new vision board for myself.  Of course the same categories are all displayed, but my goals have shifted.  

Here's a peek at my new vision board:

I highly encourage you create a vision board.  Of course, you can use Pinterest, but there's something about the creative process of cutting up magazines that's so satisfying.  Also, it's nice to take a break from social media for a change.  So get to it!  Go through magazines, catalogues and newspapers and rip out things that speak to you.  Before you know it, your vision and goals will be clearer than ever.