Cristina Carlino, Entrepeneur & Founder of Philosophy

on living beautifully, celebrating the human spirit & her new (more than beauty) brand


When I first learned of Cristina Carlino a few weeks ago, it was because she was launching a new product line that was right up my alley – Archetypes, a fragrance collection catered towards the language of the soul.  When I came to find out she's also the brains behind one of my favorite beauty brands, Philosophy, I couldn't wait to talk to her.  A spiritual entrepreneur who loves beauty products?  The stars were aligned.  

If you were to start each morning with a daily intention, what would it be?

Thank you. Thank you for this day and for every moment of light and dark. Thank you. And may every living thing be touched by love and healing.

Blending your love of beauty products and spirituality is a gift!  How did it all come to be?

Everything in life falls under the starry blue sky of well-being and wonderment for why we are all here in the first place. the use of personal care products is one tool in our human resources box that can be used to live a more inspired, beautiful life. 

I am not building a company. I am advocating for a language rather than fragrances or skincare despite having co-created so many products in my career.

What inspired your vision of miracles behind your first brand, Philosophy?

At the time when I created Philosophy I felt like the vast majority of women I knew had been voted out of the beauty category. I wanted to create a brand that talked about everything except beauty. I also like creating brands that are people driven rather than personality driven although there is plenty of room and need in the marketplace for both.


Congratulations on starting your new company, Archetypes.  Why did you decide to embark on this journey?

Because I want to use the advantages of our best social platforms to continue a conversation about qualities  of the human soul, the origins of our true beauty, rather than have a conversation about product benefits and features. 

The message of “celebrating the human spirit” is consistent between the two companies, but even stronger here.  Does it reflect changes in your life?

Absolutely. I am not building a company. I am advocating for a language rather than fragrances or skincare despite having co-created so many products in my career. Today I mentor a variety of small brands and use the platform as a place for seekers. I wake up each day to serve rather than to be served. I believe with every fiber of my being that the language of archetypes will dismantle the idea of stereotypes over time. Further when we connect at the level of our archetypes things like age, religion, gender, sexual orientation, economics, education and other differences simply melt away. Archetypes keeps us soul to soul rather than person to person. It is the connection we are all looking for in this new high speed age of energy. 

Outside of work, how do you practice living a beautiful life?

By being invisible, by living large, staying in the moment, practicing gratitude,  praying for our fragile planet and the living creatures inhabiting it, by staying open, serving others, laughing hard, playing music, creating art, enjoying good food, sharing fun times, dissolving myself into nature, staying active, meaningful friendships, family reunions, loving my beloved daughter and by falling asleep next to my beloved. 

Besides your own products, what are some beauty/wellness items you can’t live without?

I love Rita Hazan everything and anything. She is a genius and under her care my hair has never looked better. I never even thought i had good hair until Rita.

I love 100% coconut oil on my skin and in my food. It is a remarkable beauty product for doing everything from moisturizing your skin to removing heavy make up. I will always love brown sugar body scrub by fresh. Wow. And baby feet. That is the most serious topical pedicure ever invented.

As a serial entrepreneur, you’ve must have gotten some great advice along the way.  What’s the best advice you’ve ever received and who was it from?

The advice came from the unseen and unheard world. "Stay out of the way. Do the work. We will do the rest" 

What’s next for you?

Pilates. 4pm. I really do not plan my life more than a day at a time.

Beauty is _______.