Tried It: Semi-Permanent Brow Enhancement

Semi-permanent dye that makes your brows sing –     I woke up like this.


If you're a regular reader, then you know how obsessed I am with my brows.  We've been through a lot together throughout the years and thanks to my brow artist, Maribeth Madron who made me grow them in, they're finally at their peak.  There has been one issue though, a gap between my original hairs and new growth where hair just won't grow back (thanks to my former years of waxing and threading so thin).  It actually looks like I have two brows over each eye.  In order to perfect them, I had to go to extremes.

Enter Brow Resurrection – a semi-permanent brow enhancement done with vegetable dye.  Determined to achieve fuller arches, I tried the treatment (nervous as hell) at Browhaus in NYC.   My brow specialist, Jady Lit, explained that she uses a manual tool that has 14 gradual needles to first make scratches in the skin within the brow to mimic brow hairs. Then, she dips the needles into the customized dye and places it into the scratches.  Lit concentrated mainly on the gaps of missing hair I had, but also filled in the rest of my brows naturally to make the coloring look uniform.  Here's a video of the treatment.

Immediately after treatment, I met my husband for dinner.  Thanks to numbing cream, I didn't feel a single scratch.  My brows were dark and bold, but they looked good that way... if that's what I was going for.  This was temporary.  I loved them, but was a little nervous considering I like a very natural look and didn't want to look like I was wearing makeup.  After about a week of slight scabbing, the skin and color settled.  Now, they look filled in and natural.  They're not completely perfect, which I like, but if I wanted them to be 'done' I can go back for a touch up in six weeks to perfect them.  Being a bit on the reserved side, I'm going to skip it.

Before and immediately after.

Before and immediately after.

Here's the breakdown by numbers:


hours to complete the treatment


dollars to do your full brows


dollars just to lengthen your brows


the total amount of years the dye can last


dollars for touch-ups, which are recommended every 4-5 months


the amount of days it takes your brows to heal


minutes of downtime