Dating App Makeup That'll Score You a Keeper

Young, single and looking for love?  We can help.  According to Tinder, more than 50 million singles have created profiles and 12 million joined OKCupid. Plus, the app's typical user spends about 77 minutes per day on the app, which is 66 hours per year!  So according to the numbers, you’re using one of them – a lot. We caught up with celebrity makeup artist Tomy Rivero, to get the scoop on how to put your best face forward in order to attract the right kind of guys through your profile picture. 


A clean, fresh, softly-colored face will always get more serious inquiries.

First off, Rivero wants you to get one thing straight, “You have to understand the platform that you are using to draw these men in with. On an app it’s all about the aesthetic (super superficial, we know), you have to do something to his eye in order for him to open the profile and read what you are about.” By putting your best face forward, you’ll draw in men who want to learn more about who you are, not just what you look like. 

Stay true to your personality and maintenance level.

If you are looking for someone who likes a high maintenance woman, then go for the whole deal and do your face full of makeup, contour, highlight, and powder. Only do this if that’s who you are, because that’s what he’s going to expect.

But if that’s not you, don’t pretend it is! Rivero suggests keeping things basic—mascara, concealer, soft pop of color to your cheeks, and a tinted lip balm.  Advice he swears by, “A clean, fresh, softly-colored face will always get more serious inquiries.”

Skip the lip gloss...

Go easy on lip gloss. “It bounces back on the flash photography and most of the time it’s not flattering.” But if gloss is your thing, Rivero suggests applying it and then blotting a lip balm over the top to tame it. 

...But always groom your brows.

If there’s one must, it’s in your brows. Groom them! By presenting yourself as pulled-together, you’ll send the message that you’re looking for something more serious. 

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