Yes, I'm Vegan. Here's Why...

Truths about the food industry revealed...


It's been 9 years since I gave up meat and fish and 2 since I gave up dairy.  Many people ask, Why, what made you make that decision?  My answer has always been because I want to eat as clean as possible, but never before about the animals.  As a leather wearer, it would have seemed like an oxymoron.  However, my views recently have shifted and making the case for being vegan, or at least vegetarian, has become easier.  

It doesn't make me upset when others eat meat.  Upon finding out I'm vegan over a meal, most people politely ask if it would bother me if they ate meat in front of me. Of course not.  My husband puts grilled chicken on top of everything we cook and I even take him out to a steak dinner every year for his birthday.   I respect others' lifestyle choices just as they respect mine, but some truths about the food industry need to be exposed.  Having the knowledge and practicing what I preach, I feel it's my responsibilty to tell you.

Taking it back...

Believe it or not it was a trendy book called Skinny Bitch that made me stop eating meat and fish cold turkey.  The truths about the food industry were exposed and the more and more research I did after reading it, the more horrified I became about growing up eating "like an American."  Would I advise you do the same?  No, here's why.

The documentary Food Inc. really hit home for me, because it also reveals truths about the industry that of course, is kept behind closed doors.  Recently, I watched Food Inc. for the second time with Joe and found myself crying.  I didn't cry the first time I watched it.  I think I was in too much shock.  My reasons for being vegan suddenly took on a new meaning.  

I just want you to know...

To put it bluntly, the food industry in America is disgusting.  The average American consumes about 200 pounds of meat per year and about 70% of foods contain genetically modified ingredients (GMOs). But putting GMOs and such aside, the way these companies and individuals treat animals is beyond upsetting.  

It's murder.  

I spare you the details of the treatment and killings of these animals in this post, because I don't feel it's necessary, but I do recommend you watch the documentary or look into it just so you're aware.  

In the US there are only a handful of corporations that control all of the meat from McDonalds to your favorite steak house.  The top four control 80%!  Think mass murder and mass production.  With mass production comes antibiotics to make sure the animals aren't getting sick since they're raised in the most awful conditions and hormones to make sure they grow bigger and faster, which ensures the meat will be cheaper.  Does any of this seem right to you?  

What can we do?

Luckily, the demand for organic has been at an all time high, because people are becoming more aware.  Our bodies are vessels for our spirit to thrive in the human experience.  It only makes sense then, to keep it as pure as possible and feed it in order to live.  

When you can control it, look for labels like "grass fed" and "organic" on meat, "cage free" on eggs and "GMO Free" elsewhere.  While they don't promise that the animals weren't abused (because they were), they at least, help to eliminate some of the hormones, antibiotics and GMOs that we're putting into our bodies.

I'm not just making a case for being vegan, but I'm hoping to bring awareness to how we create our own disease.  Listen to your body and nourish it accordingly.  I'm thankful to be able to have a platform to share this information on, and hope that you'll take note.