Tried It: Heyday Facial

When we met at facial shop, Heyday in NYC’s Flatiron District, co-founder and CEO Adam Ross proclaimed that “the spa industry is stuck in the ‘80s,”—and he knows how to fix it. inspired by how eyewear company Warby Parker shook up its own industry by offering high-quality glasses at affordable prices in an accessible, easy-to-navigate format. Ross wants to do the same for facials with Heyday. After hearing that, you know we had to investigate how it works! Here’s everything you need to know about Ross’ vision for Heyday, plus what music he’ll never let play during a facial treatment.


Heyday doesn’t advertise itself as a spa, but rather “A Facial Shop,” which is probably the best possible way to describe it. During our time there, we picked up more of a laboratory feel than spa vibes.  It’s open 7 days a week, from 7am-10pm Monday-Friday, and 9am-8pm Saturday and Sunday.

Originally from Australia, Ross started out in banking, and worked for some of the biggest beauty brands out there. But he became tired of blindly pushing brands, because as we all know, beauty is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Part of his vision for Heyday is to bring a personal, customized facial experience to every unique patron. Heyday's facial therapists begin each session by asking about your specific skincare concerns. They then cater your appointment around products from their well-curated beauty bar, keeping your skin in mind. They’ll let you know exactly what they’re putting on your face as they apply it—or not, if you’d prefer a more serene experience. However, this is a modern, bare-bones approach to facials—you won’t see any scented candles scattered around or hear Enya playing in the background, per Ross' insistence.

Once you finish your session, your facialist will lead you back to the lobby, and show you the exact products she used on your face. They’re available for purchase in-store or online, so non-New Yorkers, you can still check out the best Heyday has to offer via it's website. Ross also spilled that the spa, which opened its first location in NYC this past May, is definitely looking to expand elsewhere, so keep it on your radar!

Here's a breakdown by numbers:


dollars for a 30 minute facial


dollars for a 50 minute facial


minute it takes to book an appointment via Heyday's website or app


product recommendations after my facial


number of really useful amenities Heyday provides you during your treatment (such as phone chargers, gravity-defying reclining chairs, and a post-facial refresh station)


number of enhancements you can add to your facial for an additional $35, (such as professional peels, phototherapy to stimulate collagen and elastin production, and beard therapy for men)


Heyday is located at 1130 West Broadway in NYC.