Fit Test: M.O.V.E. Fit NJ

Since it's now bikini season I have to tell you guys about the workout that I've been dedicated to for the past five months – strength training.  That's right, I've been working out like a beast during personal training sessions at M.O.V.E. Fit NJ in Hoboken with owners and trainers, Jarrett and Michele Hahn.  talk about a challenge...


I've had personal trainers in the past at gyms like Club H, Crunch and Bally's Fitness in the city, but this is different.  Before given a program, Jarrett took me through a functional movement screen in which he assessed my strengths and weaknesses.  Since my main workout before training was barre, I was pretty weak.  Strength training is obviously a different game.  

He then created a program specifically for me that I learned and tried to conquer (well, as much as possible) within the month.  Each month I get a new program and have really progressed!  I'm stronger.  I can even hold a side plank with one foot in the air for 30 seconds, which is something people in my yoga class can't even do. My workouts include kettle bell swings, resistance bands, battle ropes (which I never thought I'd do, because they're so beastly) and free weights.  

You gotta train like a beast to look like a beauty.

I work with both Jarrett and Michele depending on the day and work out mostly in a group setting.  They offer private and group training sessions, which is nice since the prices vary. They max group sessions out at 4 and both train, so it's one trainer for every two people.  Jarrett and Michele are both equally as passionate about what they do and take great pride in their clients' progress.  

Before leaving for the beach this weekend my husband commented on my "six pack", which of course, made me smile.    



Here's the breakdown by numbers:


$ per private session


$ per group session


people in a group training session 


hour sessions


the amount of hours you burn calories after a session


avg. amount of times I try to get out of doing something during a session 



M.O.V.E. Fit NJ is located at 909 Jefferson St. in Hoboken, NJ.